Sunday, November 05, 2006

I Love Irony

A Republican Congressman in Indiana has used a company to phone voters to deliver a message attacking his Democrat opponent Tom Hayhurst. The theme was that Hayhurst was "bad on immigration".

Trouble is , the firm that the Republicans hired uses people with heavy Indian or Hispanic accents.

The highlight of the message is supposed to be :

“The United States now is home to 11 million illegal immigrants, and the number grows every year. But instead of protecting our borders, congressional candidate Tom Hayhurst supports citizenship opportunities for illegal aliens.”

But the Congressman has heard the message (left on his daughter's answering machine), and is furious that all he can understand is :

“xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xx xxxx xx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx, xxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx. xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx Hayhurst xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx.”

Full story at the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

Hat-tip : Talking points Memo

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