Saturday, January 14, 2006

Doing a good job

Clearly the Lib Dems in Broadland District are doing a good job, despite a traumatic week for the party. The Guardian reports that we held on to a seat there in a by-election on Thursday night. In a double-header election two years ago , the Lib Dems and the Tories won a seat each, so clearly it's a tight ward.

The result on Thursday:

Broadland district - Spixworth with St Faiths:

Bali Kular (Lib Dem) 902.
Conservative 469.
Lib Dem hold.

Swing 13.6% Con to Lib Dem.
(June 2004 - two seats Lib Dem 819, Con 785, Lib Dem 721 (Bali Kular), Con 628).

I was interested in the result , so I did a search in Vivisimo for "Bali Kular" and came up with some info from two rather different organisations.

One was from the Lib Dems own Flock Together website - hopefully proving useful!

The other was from a "White Nationalist" forum. Just to give you an idea of what they are like, one of them dislikes the BNP for criticising George Galloway. One contributor wrote " I agree, it's utterly disgusting. Nationalists of all flavours should applaud George's efforts on exposing the lies of the Zionazis. "The next poster added "I don't think the two words "Zionist" and "Nazi" can be linked together. One were an honourable decent people the other are utter scum."This is a comment I can probably agree with although possibly not in the way that the author intended.

Before the election they were disparaging , to say the least , about our candidate describing him as

" Spixworth with St Faiths- 1% residents are from minority ethnic groups. Obviously just a token ethnic. With not a snowballs chance in hell of winning, he is just there to fill Lib/Dem ethnic quotas."

They weren't very pleased with the result. "It beggars belief" one wrote.

So its clearly doubly satisfying that Bali won. Well done indeed. But it is rather chilling seeing who is out there making comments about ethnic minority candidates.

(and pardon me while I disinfect my keyboard)

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