Friday, January 27, 2006

Sorry, Simon

According to the BBC
Lib Dem leadership contender Simon Hughes has said the way he has handled media pressure after admitting gay relationships is a mark of his courage.

He said it showed "he was not afraid of dealing with things" - a quality "which might be a leadership criterion".

Sorry Simon, I'm sure it's been a stressful time for you, but the way that you've handled this , especially that you told the Telegraph that you weren't gay, doesn't boost your leadership credentials. Some folks from my neck of the woods - who voted for you last time, and who were supporting you this time - are deeply disappointed.

I agree with Niles:

Firstly anyone who has sex with men AND women ISN’T, strictly speaking, gay. But there’s no way he should have said what he said when he says he wasn’t gay. It’s just obvious he was setting himself up for this.
.. except that I would add that he was not only setting himself up, but his supporters and the whole party as well.

I expect to be in the Lib Dems until I die - and as I'm 47 , hopefully that's a long way off. Hopefully too, this week is a low point. But with the fun and games of the last couple of months I'm not a happy bunny right now.

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Rob F said...

Personally, I can sympathise with Simon's position.

I tried to square, within my own mind, the circle of being both Christian and 'not straight' as a teenager. I failed, and bombed out of the church. It's not easy.

'Coming out' is difficult at the best of times. Coming out when you're a Christian, even more so. Coming out in the full glare of the modern media spotlight, infinitely more so.

So I can understand why Simon chose to keep his private life private. Though I'm sure he wouldn't have wished it to happen this way, I'm proud of the way he handled it in the end.

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