Monday, January 02, 2006

I don't want a Coronation.

Political Betting has pointed out an article in the anti-Kennedy Times stating that

SIR Menzies Campbell is being lined up by senior Liberal Democrats to replace Charles Kennedy as leader of the party in a new year putsch.
With Kennedy under unrelenting pressure to resign, Lib Dem MPs are preparing to present him with a list of signatures calling on him to fall on his sword in favour of Campbell, the party’s deputy leader.

...Campbell is understood to be ready to serve if the leadership is handed to him in a dignified “coronation”. The analogy used by senior Lib Dems is that of the succession of Michael Howard as Tory leader in 2003, when Iain Duncan Smith, the then beleaguered Conservative leader, was forced to resign and his successor was handed power without a divisive leadership election.

Well, no thank you. I'm a democrat as well as a Liberal Democrat and funnily enough, I expect to be treated as such. If we are going to have a new leader we need to have an election.

Even if its a Campbell v Kennedy contest.

In which I would very probably vote Kennedy.

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Stephen Glenn said...

Now that there is to be a new leader I think we need to campaign even more now that there is not to be a coronation.

Chris expresses his own views on this weblog.

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