Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Lost Graves

So we've got our first defector to the Cameronites - one Adrian Graves.
Came third with 17 percent at the last election. (Not a brilliant result, but our vote was up.)

I've got to say, how can someone whom the Independent portrays as such a reasonable chap make the mistake of defecting? I doubt he's hoping to be shoehorned into a safe Tory seat- so I'll assume he's doing it for the noblest of motives. But he's making a mistake here - if you want to create the sort of liberal Britain he seems to want, you do it by supporting- you guessed it - a party which consists of liberals.

As some Tories in my area - who use the word "Tosh" when talking about Cameron's policies - think and hope that Cameron might only last a year ,Mr Graves could be feeling a bit isolated sometime in the future...

However his defection will at least improve the average political farsightedness of both party memberships.


Duncan said...

"Mr Graves is the first prominent Liberal Democrat to defect to the Tories since Mr Cameron became leader last month."

Err... have I missed something? He stood in two elections in his home constituency and came third both times. Prominent in suffolk, maybe, but neither a prominent liberal nor a newsworthy figure. Basically he may as well have resigned from politics altogether and started voting tory for all the difference it will make to his future in politics. If the tories give him a seat it will only be for want to use him as a convert-figurehead from fear of us!

"His announcement yesterday will heighten Liberal Democrat fears that the party could be marginalised by the revitalised Tories."

I've yet to meet a liberal that didn't think Cameron was a joke and his attempt to play at hitler-politics ill advised. (Explanation; Hitler would try and appeal to moderates outside his base by what he said publicly while at the same time relying on the idea that his traditional followers would know/think he was lying. Cameron is trying to appeal to liberals and moderates in the language of liberals and moderates and relying on the fact that tories know/think he isn't a liberal and will vote for him anyway.

Chris Ward said...

Personally, I believe those that jump ship on the basis of Cameron's empty spin deserve everything they get.

What an utter lack of principles. Graves and the Tories deserve each other.

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