Sunday, January 29, 2006

A friend's thoughts on Huhne

I had an email yesterday from a Lib Dem friend (not the one in my previous post!) who had the following thoughts - not simply pro-Chris Huhne, but highlighting how important environmental and resouces issues are, and why it's a good thing that Chris is focussing on them:

I was looking at various leadership campaign sites and I came across your blog. I have also opted for Chris Huhne, not on the basis of the scandals but because I view it as I would if recruiting Chief Executive for a large business. On this basis I believe Huhne is the best candidate with experience of the press, economics, business leadership and working with Parliamentary Committees, albeit in the EU, because this history leaves a whole trail of experience, contacts and understanding how the system works. I believe the future will involve much that will be about the environment and the economics related to that.

On a related subject. I was talking to someone who has recently come back from Oil installation safety work in Saudi Arabia. He was saying that they are pumping sea water into the ground to keep the oil pressure up but they are now seeing sea water with the oil and he believes the reserves may be only 30% of what is claimed. If this is so then we may have major environmental and energy concerns quicker than is generally believed because Saudi is relied on by the West to change their output to keep the price and supply steady.

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